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Daily Questions

Every day, ask yourself, “Have I done my best today to move closer to what I set out to do or be?” Keep going for several months. Over time, as new habits take root, remove ones you have successfully addressed. You will see change and positive progress.

1. Did you find happiness today?
2. Were you positive today?
3. Were you nice to yourself today?
4. Were you confident in yourself today ? In your work?
5. Did you focus on your key objectives today? Did you manage your time effectively?
6. Did you focus your energy on what you can change or have an impact on today?
7. Did you communicate effectively? Are you in alignment with what you wanted to achieve?
8. Were you able to be truly “present” and listen to others?
9. Did you follow your intuition today?
10. Did you receive feedback today and think of it as a “gift”?